I Had a Dream

Dream clouds

I almost never have dreams. When I sleep it is quite literally like I lay down, close my eyes, and then open then again in the morning. I sleep soundly and very rarely have issues going to sleep. I have certainly been blessed in that regard.

However, that changed 2 nights ago. I went to bed a little early since I was tired of working and didn’t have anything else productive to do. At about 4 AM I woke up and vividly remember a dream I had. Immediately after waking up, I prayed to God, thanked him, and then asked for him to reveal to me the meaning and interpretation. This is the dream as best as I can recall.


I was with my wife and children in a typical LDS chapel during what appeared to be some kind of broadcast. We were seated on the left side of the room which is frankly not typical since we almost always sit dead center in the second row. I personally don’t like sitting in the back since it is so distracting. I didn’t get much sense of what the broadcast was, but I did get the sense that it was a global meeting of some importance.

Things were normal for some time however during the broadcast it appeared that the location of the broadcast was undergoing an earthquake. People looked around and were not sure what to do. A very short time later the location I was at underwent the same earthquake. I immediately got my children and went straight for the exit. I was uncertain where the exit was however inquired of someone and found it. While exiting I noticed that no one else seemed to want to leave however there was certainly widespread disarray. Most seemed totally unsure as what they should be doing.

After I went through the exit doors there seemed to be a long hallway that led out. My children and I ran through this hallway while there continued to be earthquakes of increasing intensity. After each earthquake the hallway seemed to narrow with great chasms opening up in the ground. One such chasm opened and seemed impossible to cross except for a long thin board that appeared. We crossed this board and made it outside.

Immediately after exiting the hallway, I realized that I had been underground in a cemetery. The location struck me as odd since there was no indication of this at any time before. Everything prior appeared to be normal and acceptable.

After realizing my location, I had the thought to return and get others. However, there was immediately an earthquake larger than all the previous ones. This caused the ground to open and seemingly swallow everything up. After this my dream ended.


Dreams are a very interesting thing and can have a lot of personal or even arbitrary meanings. I personally am grateful for the dream and think it has some meaning to me personally. A dream like this can have multiple levels of meanings and will likely continue to unfold itself as I ponder it more.

  • I interpret the dream as my family, and I are going to church and trying to follow what we believe God wants from us.
  • The remote earthquake is cracks and problems in the global church culture.
  • The local earthquake is cracks and problems in a more doctrinal focused setting.
  • The people milling about were people who see these issues however they are unsure what to do since their religious identity is predicated on the assumption of the correctness of the culture/doctrine.
  • I found the exit because someone told me where it was. Without that person I may have wandered aimlessly also. However, it was clear to me that I wanted to exit while others did not.
  • The hallway was the long hard road out of Babylon. I was exiting my known world and it was not obvious how to do that however the way was quite clear.
  • The continued earthquakes were the shaking of God and attempts to alert us of our awful situations
  • The chasms were the troubles and complications of exiting Babylon.
  • The long thin board was God directly helping me and my family to cross the challenges. Without his help there was no question that I would not have been successful.
  • Realizing my true location was finding out that everything up to that point was based on multiple levels of false assumptions. I had thought that I was preparing myself to be more like God, however that was totally incorrect. I had been in Babylon and worshipping Babylon while I thought I had been worshipping God. In reality I had been in a cemetery doing ungodly things.
  • The final chasm that swallows everything up is God literally cleansing all ungodly things from his sight. At some final point all people are either going to be godly and qualify for Zion by their trials, or they are going to be removed from the Earth violently.
Author: Patrick