05 – J.W. Brackenbury

1: Where do you live?
In Independence.

2: What is your age Mr. Brackenbury?
I was born on the 12th day of August 1829.

3: Where do you live now?
I live here in Independence, Missouri.

4: Where did you live prior to your removal here?
In Kansas.

5: Where did you live prior to your going to Kansas?
In California.

6: Did you ever live in Salt Lake City?
No sir.

7: Nor in the territory?
No sir. I only sojourned there a little while.

8: In Utah?
Yes sir, I was there only a while.

9: Did you ever live at Nauvoo, Illinois?
Yes sir.

10: Did you ever live at Kirtland, Ohio?
No sir. I only lived in Ohio a little while. I was born in Huron County Ohio, but left there when I was a small boy.

11: How long did you live in Nauvoo, Illinois?
I went there in the spring of 1840.

12: How long did you live there at Nauvoo, Illinois?
I went there in the spring of 1840 and left there in 1846.

13: How long were you in Salt Lake City?
I went to Salt Lake in the spring of 1855 and left there, – I lived there until the spring of 1857, and came back here in the state again, and went back to Salt Lake in the spring of 1858, and from there on through to California.

14: Were you at Nauvoo at the time of the building of the temple?
Yes sir.

15: What is the fact about its ever having been completed?
As to whether it was completed?

16: Yes sir.
It never was completed.

17: I will ask you if you are or were acquainted with the publications of what is known as the “Utah Church” while you were living in Utah territory?
Slightly. That is when I came back from California in 1867, I became better acquainted. I became better acquainted while we stopped there, for on our return my mother was taken sick, and we stayed there on that occasion for the fall of 1867 until the spring of 1869 when on our way here again. We had to stay there that length of time before my mother was able to travel, or to leave there.

18: You had to stay that time in Utah?
Yes sir.

19: Did you belong to the church at that time, if so state what church it was?
I belonged to this church at that time.

20: The Re-organized church?
Yes sir.

21: Look at that book Mr. Brackenbury, and state to the reporter whether or not you can identify that as an authorized publication of the Utah Church?
Yes sir.

22: You Identify it as an authorized publication of the Utah church or what is known as the Utah church?
Yes sir.

23: What is it?
It is the Journal of Discourses partially, – for I see that a part of it is not here.

24: You are acquainted with that publication?
Yes sir for I have read considerable in it.

25: I will ask you?
When you speak of that book I don’t pretend of course to say that is the same book I have seen and read, but it is the same kind of a book, – the Journal of Discourses is what it is called. The book identified by the witness is here upon offered in evidence by the plaintiff, and is marked exhibit one.

26: Read the title page of exhibit One to the reporter Mr. Brackenbury?
“Journal of Discourses given by Brigham Young, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, his two councilors the twelve apostles and others, – reported by G.D. Watt, and humbly dedicated to the Latter Day Saints in all the world, – Volume first. Liverpool edition by F.D. and S.W. Richards, 15 Wilton Street, London, Latter Day Saints book Depot, 35 Jewin street City. 1854”.

27: That is all.

28: How long has it been since you were at Nauvoo Mr. Brackenbury?
How long?

29: Yes sir?
How long since I was there last?

30: Yes sir?
I believe I went back there to visit brother Joseph Smith in 1850 I believe it was. I think it was in 1850 that I was there on that visit.

31: That was at Nauvoo?
Yes sir.

32: Have you been there since?
No sir.

33: Have you been there since 1850, how is it you can speak of your knowledge, and testify that the temple was not completed?
Yes sir I can.

34: You can?
Yes sir.

35: Speak of your own knowledge?
Yes sir I can.

36: Well I would like for you to state how it is you can speak of it of your own knowledge if you have not been there since 1850?
Why sir I have been to the temple perhaps twenty time, and have been over it from top to bottom time and again, and I know it was not completed.

37: You do not understand my question, – the question I asked you was how you know it has not been completed at this time if you have not been there since 1850?
I know it has not been finished because it has been torn down. I can’t say as to the time it was torn down but it was a short time after that.

38: How do you know it was not completed after you were there?
I know it because they did not finish it.

39: How do you know it was torn down?
I know it.

40: You know it?
Yes sir.

41: How do you know they have not completed it since?
Well if they have completed it since it was torn down I don’t know anything about that.

42: You don’t know anything about that?
No sir, for I haven’t ______ there since.

43: Well the time that you refer to was prior to 1850?
Yes ____.

44: You were there in 1850?
Yes sir.

45: And not since then?
No sir.

46: Were you there in 1844?
Yes sir.

47: Were you in the temple in 1844?
Yes sir.

48: How long prior to 1844 was the first time that you had been there?
From the very time that the temple was started.

49: You were there from the very time that the temple was started you say?
Yes sir.

50: All the time?
No sir.

51: About how often were you there?
Every few days.

52: You were there and saw it in process of erection?
Yes sir. I saw it from the start. I was in it when there was wooded oxen in it before there was stone oxen in it, – I was over it and through it time and again.

53: Was there not a wooden front thee before the stone font was put in?
I believe there was one there sitting on the wooden oxen.

54: Where was that?
In the basement of the temple.

55: Did you ever see the ceremony of baptism for the dead performed there?
No sir. I did not.

56: And of that you are postive?
Yes sir.