09 – Isaac N. Rogers

1: Where do you live Mr Rogers?
Here in this city.

2: Here in the city of Independence, Missouri?
Yes sir, out on Pleasant street.

3: How long have you lived here Mr Rogers?
I have been living here since 1848.

4: In what business are you engaged?
I have been in the merchantile business for a good part of the time, but I have been in the banking business for the last twenty years.

5: What position do you hold in the bank?
I am cashier,

6: What bank?
The Chrisman and Sawyer Banking Company.

7: Do you know the property here in Independence Missouri., that is in litigation in this case?
Yes sir, I think I do.

8: It is the piece of land in litigation or dispute in this case?
Is it what is known as the” temple lot”?

9: Yes sir?
Yes sir.

10: You know that?
Yes sir, I do.

11: Bow long have you know that piece of ground?
Well I think, it is for some time, —I should say that it is probably since 1853 or 1854 that I have known it. That is I have known of it since about that time as the temple lot.

12: I will ask you what people generally call that lot when speaking of it?
They call it the temple lot.

13: I will ask you if that is the name or title people generally bestowed on that lot in speaking of it since the time you first knew it in 1853?
Yes sir that is what I have always heard it called.