21 – W.R. Hall

1: What is your name?
W.R. Hall.

2: What is your business?
I am deputy recorder of deeds.

3: Where at?
At Independence here.

4: In Jackson County, Missouri?
Yes sir.

5: I will hand you Exhibit 20, and ask you to state to the notary what that paper is.
Well it is a certified copy of the record of a deed from Jones H. Flourney and wife to Edward Partridge and conveys the south east quarter of section three, township forty-nine, rang thirty-two.

6: Is there any other discription besides that?
It conveys a part of the south east quarter section three, forty-nine, thirty-two, bounded and discribed as follows, – “Commencing on the south line of said quarter section forty poles from the south east corner of said quarter section at the corner of a certain piece of land sold by the said Flourney & wife to one Lewis Jones, and from thence running west one hundred and twenty to the south west corner of said quarter section, thence north sixteen poles and ten links, thence north forty degrees, east ten poles, thence north twenty-one degrees, east fourteen poles, thence north fifteen degrees, east twenty poles thence north forty-two degrees, east thirty four poles thence north fifty five degrees east thirty poles thence north sixty four degrees East forty poles, thence north seventy degrees east seventeen poles and fifteen links to the corner of a certain tract of land sold by said Flourney & wife to one G.M. Hensley, and from thence due north one hundred and twenty two poles and seventeen links to the place of beginning, containing sixty three acres and forty three one hundred and sixtieths of an acre be the same more or less”. That is the way the discription reads here.

7: Give the date of that instrument?
It is dated the 19th day of December 1831, and it was acknowledged on the same day by, –

8: Well it don’t make any difference about that, – Now where was it recorded?
In a book B, page L., and following pages.

9: Did you make that certified copy?
Yes sir.

10: Is that your name signed to it there, as deputy recorder?
Yes sir.

11: How old are you Mr. Hall?
I am twenty-four years old.

12: How long have you been acting as an officer in the recorders office in the capacity of Deputy Recorder?
It was, do you mean as deputy under this recorder?

13: Under any recorder?
It was some time in 1886 that I was appointed.

14: You were appointed deputy recorder some time in 1886?
Yes sir. Some time in 1886 I was appointed deputy recorder.

15: Prior to that time what was your business?
I was a clerk in the office.

16: How long prior to that were you a clerk in the recorders office?
About six months.

17: Prior to that time what was your business?
Well I didn’t have any,
I was attending school up to that time.

18: You had never been in the recorders office as a clerk or a deputy up to that time?
No sir.

19: That is all.