25 – W.R. Hall

1: You are the same Mr. Hall that was on the witness stand yesterday after noon, are you not?
Yes sir.

2: And you are the gentleman who testified that you were the Deputy Recorder here at Independence?
I am.

3: Look at that paper Mr. Hall, marked exhibit 23, and state to the reporter whether or not that is a correct copy of the original record of a deed from Elizabeth Ann Cowdery to Marie Louise Johnson, made on the 19th day of May 1885?
Well here is our certificate on it to that effect. We certify that it is a correct copy of that quit claim deed made by Elizabeth Ann Cowdery to Marie Louise Johnson. We certify that it is a correct copy of the record of the deed referred to. You see we say “we do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full true and complete transcript of the record of the Quit Claim Deed”. etc.

4: Is that a transcript of the identical page of the record on page 146 that you identified here in the Court yesterday when you were on the stand?
Yes sir, it is the same.

5: I will ask you another question Mr. Hall. I believe you stated yesterday on your cross examination that you had been connected with the recorders office since 1886?
Yes sir. I stated that.

6: And since about the first of 1887, or some where along there, you have been the deputy recorder?
Yes sir.

7: At Independence Missouri?
Yes sir.

8: Now as the deputy recorder have you had charge of the books of the office, – the books containing the records of deeds filed, during all that time?
Yes sir.

9: In connection with the recorder himself?
Well sir. Well not all of the time either.

10: Well what part of the time and you not have charge of them?
Well I have charge of them now.

11: You have charge of them now?
Yes sir, and I have had charge of them since the first of the year.

12: How do you happen to have charge of them now?
Well the recorded placed me in charge of them.

13: Where is the recorder?
In Kansas City?

14: Where did he live prior to January first of this year?
Where did he live?

15: Yes sir?
Well he lives here now, but he stays at the Kansas City office every day.

16: Mr. Hinde the recorder comes down to the office here does he not?
Yes sir, he is here occasionally.

17: He comes down to the recorders office here, and does he or does he not do whatever he pleases with the books in the office?

18: He comes down and visits the office repeatedly does he not?
Yes sir, he is here about one day out of the week.