56 – W.R. Hall

1: Mr Hall you are the same gentleman who testified to the facts that you were deputy recorder for the plaintiffs here-to-fore, in this case?
Yes sir.

2: You have access to, and charge of the recorders office in this city have you not?
Yes sir.

3: And you are the deputy recorder?
Yes sir.

4: What is the book that you have in your hands at the present time?
Why it is what we call the “original entry book”.

5: Where did it come from?
It came from the recorders office.

6: From the office of the recorder of deeds for Jackson County, Missouri?
Yes sir.

7: Will you read from that book its title and date?
I don’t find any title to it.

8: Can you tell what the purpose of the book is from looking at it?

9: Can you tell what is done with the book then, – what its purpose is?

10: You may answer the question?
We use it to find certain pieces of land. It shows all the entries of land for Jackson County, and by whom entered.

11: What is the book?
It is the book if I understand it right. It is the book that shows who entered land.

12: Entered the land from the Government?
Yes sir.

13: Now can you find any entries in that book any where of land by Edward Partridge, in this county?
Yes sir.

14: You can?
Yes sir, lots of it.

15: Well please read from the book the entries which you find in there?
You mean just the entries relating to the land that was entered by Edward Partridge?

16: Yes sir?
The entries in the name of Edward Paetridge?
Well there is the north west quarter of section 31-49, 33., entered July the 26th 1831 In the name of Edward Partridge. That is one, and here is another, – the east half of the north est quarter of the same section, township and range, September the 16th 1831. Here is the east half of the north west of 32-49, 33, September 16th 1831. There is the west half of the north east quarter of 32-49-33, entered July 26th 1831, and here is the south west quarter of 30-49, 33 entered July 26th 1831, and also the south east half of 27-48-33, entered January 23rd 1833 by Edward Partridge. Here is the north east of 21-49-33, -it don’t say the date of the entry on there. And there is also the east half of the north west of 21-49-33, – there is no date of entry to that either. Here is the east half of he north west quarter of 16, and he west half of the north east of 16, entered November 23rd 1831. Here is the north west of 13-49-33, entered October 12th 1833, – no it is ’31, – and the north east of 13-49-33, entered December 8th 1832. That is all.